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-A system of engineered tools that in 3 operations will remove a mushroomed or broken yaw piston.

-Patent pending.

Product Reviews

"Our site had been struggling getting broken and/or mushroomed yaw pistons removed from tower. We had used other methods such as hole sawing and chiseling, hydraulic puller, etc. We would spend days at one tower until we starting using J&J's Yaw Piston Pro-cut. We have gotten to the point to where our techs can knock out a normal inspection of 2 stuck pucks on a tower and knock out 2-3 towers in a 8 hour shift. The tool is extremely tough, and WORKS. It will pay for it self in months with the increased production we are getting by not having to keep turbines offline due to broken pucks"

-Jeremy Cartwright


"We have used the J&J YPPC for a little while now. We have been very impressed with the ease of use and the quality of the tooling. Our old method of removing pistons was sub par at best, but with the J&J developed YPPC we are highly efficient with our piston removal efforts. We have noted product improvements that could potentially be done, and J&J has listened with open ears for recommendations. Overall we've been very satisfied with all of J&J's products."

-Lance Wright


"The puck pulling/ cutting kit makes extracting and cutting pucks exceptionally easier than other methods i have attempted. the equipment itself is also fairly easy to use and navigate. As far as communication, J&J have gone above and beyond making themselves available to help when it is needed and have answered any questions i had to help with the puck kit."

-Jakotah John

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